Invisalign – 42 Trays to Go

It’s been a while since I’ve blogged here, or at all. Breaking the silence. This is going to become a journal again…

I started an Invisalign regimen with Hilton-Diminick Orthodontic Associates this week. Dr. Hilton is Ryan’s orthodontist as well. My bite shifted significantly last year, coincidentally when I started my weight loss journey. After waiting to get additional orthodontic coverage on my dental insurance, I signed up for the process and went through the high-res scan of my teeth. It was amazing to see them rendered in 3D and I was surprised at the preliminary model of straightening and bite correction the scanning workstation rendered independently.

After a few weeks, Dr. Hilton reviewed the treatment course with me and interactively showed me the final 3D models for the 42 steps recommended. I committed to the process and made a significant down payment to get the initial set of trays fabricated. At my appointment this week, I got my cases, my first two sets of trays and some instruction.

The trays go in and come out without too much trouble. My mouth and teeth are now more consistently clean thanks to the extra brushing and rinsing required to safely use the Invisalign trays. After two full days of wearing them the recommended 22 hours (or more), the initial soreness is gone. This is a very manageable process and hasn’t been too terribly inconvenient yet. It will definitely help my dieting; other than water, you’re not supposed to eat or drink anything while you’re wearing the trays. That means I’ll be drinking much less coffee and tea, and grazing during the day is done. I’m making up for some of that by not skipping breakfast, and making each meal (and the tooth brushing afterwards) count. This won’t be all that bad.