For Sale: ADA MB-1/B500B Bass Bi-Amplifier Solution

I’ve never used my ADA MB-1/B500B combo to its potential, and with the plethora of smaller, lightweight bass heads, I’ve recently moved to another bass amp.  I’m pleased to offer my ADA solution for sale.  It’s in great condition, has been well cared-for, and sounds great.  The solution includes:

  • ADA MB-1 Bass PreAmp (v2.05 firmware with original documentation)
  • ADA B500B Bass Bi-Amplifier (with original documentation)
  • Tripp-Lite ISOBAR 12 Ultra surge suppressor
  • CDM Manufacturing 6U Rack Case
  • Patch cables

I’ll sell the solution as-is for $600.  If you want just the two ADA pieces, I can put them in a less-featured 4U rack case and sell them for $450.  If you also want the surge suppressor mounted in the 4U case, that would cost another $50.

Contact me through this posting, or “aharden” at Gmail.